One more thing...


Who is gonna use THIS over Harold's or the Lifebloom Idol? No one who knows what the heck they're doing, that's who. A druid casts rejuv enough to save the what? I dunno, 300 mana they might save? Don't give me that "macro idol" crap cause we shouldn't have to. If this thing were like... 15-20 mana off of Lifebloom it'd be godly, but Rejuv... Rejuv is sorta weak nowadays. Honestly, look at your healing breakdown sometime and see. For me, Rejuv makes up a really tiny number of my healing. I only use it on tanks, and between lifebloom/other healers it rarely ever ticks. It's more insurance for a swiftmend than anything.

A new belt for all!

I'm more or less displeased with resto druid itemization overall. Out tier sets are great stat-wise save the less than spectacular set bonuses, and there's a couple of decent pieces off offset gear (Hat I don't believe exists, good bracers.), but overall, if it's not a set piece we're out of luck. Belt and Boots specifically are the worst. Girdle from Void Reaver is pretty much the best leather belt, with Belt of Illidari Council being a mere, and tiny, stat upgrade, also cloth. 2.3 changes this...


Thank you though Blizzard, you've made the best belt in the game for a resto druid available to anyone who farms a heroic enough. This is especially annoying because I thought I could be done with those blasted things, but no. Not only does all my raiding amount to nothing for a few slots (Bracers are pretty much equivalent to the Rage ones, maybe a tiny bit worse.), now I have to spend a bunch of time farming heroics to get a couple key pieces of gear.

Well, good for all you guys who aren't in BT and Hyjal and don't pride yourself on only playing two days a week. The best belt for druids, along with some amazing bracers, are available to you through a lot of badges.

Overall, I've looked through Zul'Aman loot and found it really underwhelming stat-wise but really awesome looking. I can't see myself wearing any loot from the entire instance I've seen, the trinket is a slightly worse version of Eye of the Dead and honestly after the intensity buff I don't know how much regen I'll need to stack. If you're one of those druids thats all about clicky things though, right up your alley.

Boots are still an issue. You have orca-hide, which is a T5 item. You have Boots of 1,000 Drops which are certainly the best, in my opinion, however cloth they are. And then you have REALLY AWESOME BOOMKIN BOOTS that a lot of people gem for healing, for which it's pretty good.

The stupid enchanted birkenstocks of way too much stats aren't very good in my opinion, and divinity aren't hard to get. I'm both relieved and mad there's not awesome badge/Zul'Aman boots.

On the other hand, I'll probably be farming heroics forever because of the myriad of BOOMKIN loot Blizzard is putting in! Boomkin loot is about 87% of why I play WoW at all, so I'm excited. Unfortunately I gotta drop like 200 badges on resto gear first :(.

So start saving up, it's 60 badges for the belt, which EVERY resto druid will want, and 35 for the bracers which many will opt for. The shoulders and pants are also very, very good if you're not super progressed.

All this stuff sorta makes SSC/TK worthless besides getting attuned to BT/Hyjal.
Sorta sad.

EDIT: Edited to seem like less of an elitist. Though, to be honest, I am an elitist.


A bird with a moustache.

After weeks and weeks all is forgiven because now that Nordrassil has been protected for the 20th time I have a dead bird on my head.

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I'm glad I finally got a hat that wasn't cloth/from Karazhan. But now I only have one qualm, why do my characters eyebrows look like my hat's stylish new moustache?


Sad realization!

Well, I've made two realizations about 2.3.

One is I incorrectly read (i.e. assumed Blizzard devs had small amounts of logic in their thought patterns) the notes about abolish/decurse. That being you can ONLY decurse in Moonkin and ONLY abolish in tree. For PvP I'm not sure any druid would be in either form, because being hamstrung, banishable, or unable to use HoTs seems like a bad thing. And for PvE it's sorta lame because there's only two fights (Vashj, Archimonde) that have a poison or a curse.

Vashj has a posion and it's super-important it gets cleansed ASAP. Due to this reason I was never in tree, but even with this change I don't think (If I ever kill Vashj again, haven't been to SSC in weeks) I'd go in Tree. The way we did Vashj involved me healing a large area by myself and involved a lot of running, so the whole 20% thing wouldn't work to well.

For Archimonde tree form would be really awesome. But alas, can't decurse in tree so it's again undoable. Overall it seems this change didn't really "change" anything. Maybe a couple of 5 man bosses and trash pulls will be easier, but in the great scheme of PvE and PvP it's sorta a useless change. Have I mentioned I want to be able to buff in Tree?

The second is a sort of weird change that was realized by someone else in my guild. As of right now, if you gear isn't bad, Super Secret Trinket is the best trinket for regen for druids. It's a very strong trinket that I use on longer fights I generally have mana issues (I think my guild must run with less Shadow Priests than most guilds because I very seldom get one, and most druids seem as if they always have one.) and if you're lucky (I once got like 14 procs on Void Reaver and couldn't spend my mana fast enough, pretty awesome!) it's even better.

As of now every druid worth their non-bark, but bark looking skin has Intensity. This means when it procs you get the other 85% of your mana regen from spirit. Now, since it's nerf from being buggy and simply increasing your regen by 100% (Back in the day if you had the T2 bonus and intensity and it procced you actually got 130% regen!), if for some reason you're already at 100%, like if it procs off casting or during an innervate or you're out of the 5 second rule, it's effectively useless. This also means with intensity raising us up to 30% regen, it's also a weird nerf to the trinket because it can only give you the other 70% of your regen. CRAZY!!

15% of your spirit regen as a nerf. Trinket still good? Yeah, but just think about it a little bit.


Spirit rethought.

Druids are getting all sorts of neat buffs in 2.3 Mainly useless things (Decurse/Abolish in tree and Decurse in Moonkin are pretty lame, I want MotW!), some things one can't complain about (Lowered CD on Rebirth), and one awesome thing: Intensity buffed.

Now I usually hate math, but I was bored and did some on this. My math, which could be entirely wrong because I'm really bad at math and theorycrafting as a whole, was this.

I have 400 spirit in some gear I equipped. This gives me 259 mana/5 out of combat. 30% of this was roughly 77.7. Dividing this into 400 got me about ~5.1 spirit equating to one mana/5 in combat. Meaning for the most part, there's no way you can replace mp5 with spirit.

It does, however, make the spirit on our gear already much nicer. It gives us a nice boost to in combat regen for no real change to our gear. Overall it's a very nice buff.

Is it something to reitemize your gear over? I really don't think so, but it's a nice little buff they gave us.

2.3 is gonna be awesome!

Rebirth is getting 10 minutes shaved off it's cooldown which will probably be awesome come Sunwell when we have to learn a new slew of fights.

Decursing/Poisoning in tree form is a much-needed addition (WHERES MARK OF THE WILD THOUGH!)