Spirit rethought.

Druids are getting all sorts of neat buffs in 2.3 Mainly useless things (Decurse/Abolish in tree and Decurse in Moonkin are pretty lame, I want MotW!), some things one can't complain about (Lowered CD on Rebirth), and one awesome thing: Intensity buffed.

Now I usually hate math, but I was bored and did some on this. My math, which could be entirely wrong because I'm really bad at math and theorycrafting as a whole, was this.

I have 400 spirit in some gear I equipped. This gives me 259 mana/5 out of combat. 30% of this was roughly 77.7. Dividing this into 400 got me about ~5.1 spirit equating to one mana/5 in combat. Meaning for the most part, there's no way you can replace mp5 with spirit.

It does, however, make the spirit on our gear already much nicer. It gives us a nice boost to in combat regen for no real change to our gear. Overall it's a very nice buff.

Is it something to reitemize your gear over? I really don't think so, but it's a nice little buff they gave us.


Aftereight said...

Its so exciting, Resto druids are finally been given a neato buff (apart from fixing lifebloom).

When I saw the Intensity buff last night, it made me the happiest out of all changes.

I do agree though with you that mana/5 does still provide the bigger benefit. I would never resocket my +9heal/2mp5 gems into +9heal/+4spi gems for example.

Brent said...

if you use a 75%FSR then it comes out at 4.4 Spirit under 2.2, and 3.3 Spirit under 2.3, for 1 MP5.