Trinkets, trinkets, trinkets.

Unlike most other gear, I think some of the best trinkets in the game for a resto druid are attainable outside of any raid instance. Well, besides Rejuv Gem Mark II.

Now, if you're one of those gimpy wannabe Paladins you'll want good trinket with bad proc, and good trinket for every class but a druid, imo.

But if you're a real healing druid, walking with a perma-hamstring and skin that looks like but isn't really bark, you'll want one of the following, which I have rated as a list.


List 1: Shoot for these!

1. Rejuv Gem - Ok, I lied, this is in a raid instance, albeit a level 60 one. You can't deny how good this trinket is even now that we're 10 levels and 4 tiers away from it. Blizzard gave it to shamans in their stupid gear box for the Black Temple patch, even they acknowledge how good it is.

66 healing and 9 mana/5 is on par with unsocketed/enchanted T4 or T5 pieces, way too good to pass up.

How to get it: PUG BWL, if you're on a populated server this happens more often than you'd think, or you could try organizing it yourself. I honestly think this along with Rejuv Gem Mark II is the ideal combo of trinkets, so it's worth it. Also, it drops off more than one boss, so you could luck out ;).

2. Bangle of something something - I used this trinket forever, and it's awesome. Pop it when you innervate yourself and whenever it procs is what I did. The proc is nice, and if you have living spirit (WHICH YOU SHOULD) the clicky effect works with living spirit to give you even more! Overall a very strong trinket for mana regen, easily the best for Druids or Priests.

How to get it: Botanica, normal, Warp Splinter. Annoying instance, but well worth it. He also drops a staff you could use to boomkin it up when you're not healing!

3. Earring of Blizzard put the wrong class on it - This trinket is amazing for druids, hopefully in 2.2 or 2.3 Blizzard fixes it to include us.

How to get it: Lurker Below

4. Duel Wielding Books of Click - 70 healing and a nice clicky effect for lifebloom spamming trees. The fact you can have two for double the fun if your trinkets suck is pretty cool too. I'd pop it every time it's up and just spam, spam, spam.

How to get it: Some low rep with Lower City, I forget. But it SHOULDN'T MATTER 'cause you all need revered for your epic flight form anyway so it's a moot point.

List 2: These aren't bad. Easily obtainable at or before 70, or good but not great.

1. Jewelcrafting and Alchemy stuff - If you happen to be either profession, these ain't bad and are easily obtainable before you even hit 70. So if you're unlucky with any of the above trinkets you can use these for a bit, but you will have to chain super mana pot to get the max use out of the alchemy one.

How to get: Be Jewelcrafting or Alchemy.

2. Zandalarian Mindtap Talischarm - It's exactly what the name implies, two in one. It's actually not easy to get at all (Heroic Mana Tombs), but it's also not bad. If you happen to see it drop and not have anything better, go for it. Also good for situational use when you wanna go pop some crazy trinkets for super-lifeblooms.

How to get: Heroic Mana Tombs, yuck.

3. Everyone who has this and can get better is BAD - Every druid has this, most buy it after they get enough badges. Again, it's not bad, but I think everything on the top list is better.


It's JUST healing. I made a whole post about mana regen vs +heal so read that if you don't understand my weird ideas. It's not BAD, and you can easily get the badges for it, so get it for a while. It's good on some shorter fights, but I'd rather have a combo of healing and regen (Rejuv gem!!) I also hate when I lose a trinketed lifebloom stack to some dumb stun or port or something (These happen a lot in BT and beyond!) so not having clickies makes me happier.

How to get it: Badges of Justice


1. The first two I linked which don't deserve to be linked again.

How to get: Not telling so you aren't tempted.

2. The trinket that looks amazing but sucks - When I saw this trinket I was like WHOA! But then I got it and was pissed off. Plain and simple it's not that great, an average proc from Bangle of Procs off Everything will give you close to the same amount of mana, and popping it during an innervate will be way more.


3. Ashtongue Talisman of MOONKIN OWNAGE - For feral it's meh, for resto is plain bad, and for moonkin it's like the best trinket ever. Mind you you'll just get this trinket eventually if your guild gets far enough, so it's just a matter of not equipping it. Now if it was like the priest one and procced off ticks of HoTs, or procced off lifebloom casts, it'd be pretty good... but as it stands you really don't cast Rejuv enough to use it. The buff only lasts 7 seconds.

For moonkin though it's freakin' awesome.

How to get: Learn mother sharaz, and you'll probably be good to get it.

4. T4 and T5's attempts at healing trinkets - Gruul's thing has a hidden cooldown, and our spells usually cost way less than 450 anyway so it feels like a waste. Also it's only 44 healing, duel prayerbooks are better imo. As for Void Reaver's thing, we don't direct heal(often), stay away.


Naxx Trinkets - Both pretty good, but Pugging Naxx or killing Saphirion isn't going to be done like BWL, and you'd use Rejuv Gem and one of these probably, so I didn't bother listing them. They are both good though.

SUPER SECRET TRINKET - There's one trinket I didn't list that's actually #1 best trinket for Druids. If you figure it out, farm it up and get it. If not, oh well! This one is on you guys.


Aftereight said...

Trinkets are tricky, I hear that a lot of tree druids like Oxylos use "on click give 200 +heal" trinkets, activate both and keep a life bloom stack going with them. But I don't want to do that in case that trick gets fixed and then I'd feel nerfed rather than fixed. But it might be intentional and never get fixed. Dilemma!

It would be truly amazing if the Earring of Soulful Meditation was made into a druid trinket but I doubt it'll happen. :(

I took jewel crafting on my paladin and the Talasite Owl is very awesome. The on-click effect is like a mini pot. I can definitely recommend it, tho as pointed out in this article there are better trinkets for druids.

I was theorycrafting the other day over the Fel Reaver's Piston, checking my logs and only about 30% of the spells I cast could proc it. Gutted.

And finally Memento of Tyrande. mmmmmmmmnn! *_*

Magna said...

Clicky trinkets are alright, though I don't like stacking two of them personally. The problem I have, is that rejuv gem and blue dragon will help me 100% of the time. Those are the trinkets I'll use now until I luck out and get a memento for myself.

I have an Essence, and I use it sparingly. 80something healing isn't bad for passive, but clicks are just weird. I personally have a sub-par internet connection that locks up for seemingly insignificant .5 second periods every few minutes, which makes it impossible to keep lifeblooms rolling forever for me.

Besides that though, most fights in Hyjal and BT are rather hard and/or impossible to keep blooms rolling.

Many of them have you running around, dying, getting teleported, knocked away, etc... and several others just require a ton of raid healing and it's easy ( and in my opinion, right) to start raid healing and lose your stack on a tank. There are definately fights where a clicky is useful and could work really well, but this is a minority of the fights in Hyjal/BT. I choose not to use one myself for the aformentioned reasons.

Brent said...

I'm still using Shard of the Scale (16mp5) and trying to keep my DKP up for the next Fel Reaver Piston(16mp5+proc) because I've found the Bangle of Endless Blessings to not provide as much mana consistently as the Shard.