A new belt for all!

I'm more or less displeased with resto druid itemization overall. Out tier sets are great stat-wise save the less than spectacular set bonuses, and there's a couple of decent pieces off offset gear (Hat I don't believe exists, good bracers.), but overall, if it's not a set piece we're out of luck. Belt and Boots specifically are the worst. Girdle from Void Reaver is pretty much the best leather belt, with Belt of Illidari Council being a mere, and tiny, stat upgrade, also cloth. 2.3 changes this...


Thank you though Blizzard, you've made the best belt in the game for a resto druid available to anyone who farms a heroic enough. This is especially annoying because I thought I could be done with those blasted things, but no. Not only does all my raiding amount to nothing for a few slots (Bracers are pretty much equivalent to the Rage ones, maybe a tiny bit worse.), now I have to spend a bunch of time farming heroics to get a couple key pieces of gear.

Well, good for all you guys who aren't in BT and Hyjal and don't pride yourself on only playing two days a week. The best belt for druids, along with some amazing bracers, are available to you through a lot of badges.

Overall, I've looked through Zul'Aman loot and found it really underwhelming stat-wise but really awesome looking. I can't see myself wearing any loot from the entire instance I've seen, the trinket is a slightly worse version of Eye of the Dead and honestly after the intensity buff I don't know how much regen I'll need to stack. If you're one of those druids thats all about clicky things though, right up your alley.

Boots are still an issue. You have orca-hide, which is a T5 item. You have Boots of 1,000 Drops which are certainly the best, in my opinion, however cloth they are. And then you have REALLY AWESOME BOOMKIN BOOTS that a lot of people gem for healing, for which it's pretty good.

The stupid enchanted birkenstocks of way too much stats aren't very good in my opinion, and divinity aren't hard to get. I'm both relieved and mad there's not awesome badge/Zul'Aman boots.

On the other hand, I'll probably be farming heroics forever because of the myriad of BOOMKIN loot Blizzard is putting in! Boomkin loot is about 87% of why I play WoW at all, so I'm excited. Unfortunately I gotta drop like 200 badges on resto gear first :(.

So start saving up, it's 60 badges for the belt, which EVERY resto druid will want, and 35 for the bracers which many will opt for. The shoulders and pants are also very, very good if you're not super progressed.

All this stuff sorta makes SSC/TK worthless besides getting attuned to BT/Hyjal.
Sorta sad.

EDIT: Edited to seem like less of an elitist. Though, to be honest, I am an elitist.


Andrew said...

"Well, good for all you guys who aren't in BT and Hyjal and pride yourself on only playing two days a week. The best belt for druids, along with some amazing bracers, are available to you through badges."

A tad bitter, are we? The belts are still 60 badges, which are probably well out of the range of someone who only plays twice a week.

Rest assured, you probably pack more time in between raids than those you disparage play in a week.... your loot supremacy will remain intact.

Magna said...

I was actually referring to myself, badly worded I now see. I pride MYSELF on only playing two days a week. One day for BT, a couple hours for Hyjal the next night. Now I have to spend a decent amount of time farming up badges, something I really don't want to do.

Also, it came off more bitter than I actually am (I am bitter.). I'm more mad at how poorly itemized druid healing loot is in BT/Hyjal. It's a lot like if you were in full T2 in BWL and suddenly someone says, "Oh, now go run Scholo, Strat and DM every day for a couple weeks to replace some gear." I'm not mad the gear is available to a wider group of people, I just think it's too good for it's location. The same issues happened with Rejuv Gem , Nelth's Tear or, a BC counterpart, Dragonspine Trophy. While it's SLIGHTLY different in that you could continue doing gruul or BWL and never see those items, where the badge items are a sure thing, it's arguably less of a time investment if you're already doing those things. Farming up 75 badges for the trinket, 60 for the belt and then a few more for a cloak or something will take a fairly significant amount of time over the span of a few weeks.

Really, I'm lazy and don't feel like running things I've already run 400 times all over again. I already have a hard enough time working up the energy to do SSC or TK if we do it.

So really, this isn't about loot supremacy at all (I'm still using a T4 chest for instance), it's just about a whole bunch of time I thought I was past investing.

I don't mind spending some god-awful amount of hours a week when I'm doing new content cause it's fun, but this old stuff... more of a chore.